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Tech Tip #33 Sending Delivery Calendars

Tech Tip #33 Sending Delivery Calendars

At least once a year you may be faced with the task of printing or emailing your delivery calendars. Route Manger allows you to easily complete this task with the Customer Delivery Calendar Report.

These reminders can prevent wasted trips on forgotten delivery days.  The Customer Delivery Calendar report can be found under Reports>Route Reports>Other>Customer Delivery Calendars.

One of our new features in 7.0.2r6 is the option to sort via Statement Code. This allows you to sort out customers whom will be emailed their delivery calendar rather than a printed page or postcard.

If you need any assistance, feel free to call us. We are standing by! Thank you for being our customer.

Your ARS Support Team

Tech Tip #15 Great News for CMC Users

Great News for CMC users

In our recent release for Route Manager Series 7 we have added even more customization for our Customer Message Centre module; you may now choose which invoice types you wish to send to your customers! Have you ever wanted to setup auto-send invoicing, but were concerned about sending information to a customer that you didn’t intend to? With this new tool you can customize what types of invoices are sent to your customers, so you have even more control of your business!

The first step is to ensure you have customers setup to Auto-Send Invoice upon Upload/Posting on the Customer Information page (Lists>Customer Information) and selecting the Route tab, on the lower left portion of the screen you will see the option to “Auto Send Invoice on Upload/Posting Via.”



Once you select this option you can choose to send the invoice to either the Delivery Email, or the Bill To Email on the info tab. You also can check both boxes if you want to send to both addresses!

You can find the addresses here:

Bill To Email:

In the Customer Information page on the “Info” tab.


Delivery Email:

In the Customer Information  page on the “Route” tab.

**Note: This process is detailed on a customer by customer basis, if you need to have customers set to auto-send invoices on upload in bulk please contact for assistance**

Now that we have set up the customers to receive invoices automatically you can navigate to your Branch Setup page (File>Branch Setup) in order to make changes. Once in Branch Setup navigate to the “Handheld” tab, here you will select the “Modify” or Pen button and then the “Auto Send Invoice SMTP Setting” box.

This box will launch the following screen:

**Note: You can choose to send invoices on Posting instead of on upload on this screen **


From this screen simply select what types of Invoices you do not want to send to customers. We can also setup the required Return email address here, as well as put an email message and subject to send to customers!

If you need any assistance, feel free to call us. We are standing by! You can also learn more by visiting the supplemental chapter 4.36. Thank you for being our customer.

Your ARS Support Team

Tech Tip #14 Does Your Company Process Credit Cards?

Does your company process Credit Cards?

If you answered yes, you will want to make sure you are aware of any expired credit cards so you and your customers are not caught off guard when one expires! ARS has a simple report that can help you with this. It is the Expired Credit Cards Report!

We suggest you run this report each month for credit cards expiring in the next month or two so you can be proactive in reaching out to your customer and get an updated credit card on file.

Let us help make the process easier and tell you exactly where you need to look. The Expired Credit Card Reports can be found by navigating to:

Transactions > Payments > Credit Cards > Expired Credit Cards.


Once you’re in the Expired Credit Card Report screen, enter an expiration date range to search for. You can also specify if you would like to just search for One Time Only credit cards, Monthly Billed Cards or Both. Want to print a letter to mail to your customer to notify them of their soon to be expired card? Check the Print Expired Letters box!

We are always here to help you! Feel free to give us a call if you need assistance in accessing this report. Thank you for being our customer!

Your ARS Support Team

Tech Tip #12 Deleting uploaded Routes

Deleted Uploaded Routes

Have you ever deleted something so important that it was painful because you had been working on it over a few days. Maybe you wish you had a way to undo it or had an archive and pull it back up again? Mistakes happen, but that doesn’t mean that you can not easily fix them with just a few simple steps. Your daily route information can easily be re-uploaded from the Route Archive and here is how:


You may re-upload a route from your archive. All cards that are uploaded are archived in case they must be uploaded again. Go to route> Utilities> reload Route from Archive.

*Note: This will not re-upload invoices entered manually on the desktop.



Select the date and route, and press “Okay.” The system will now upload the route.

We are always here to help you! Feel free to give us a call if you need assistance in accessing this report. Thank you for being our customer!

Your ARS Support Team

Tech Tip #6 F1 Help Function Within Route Manager Series 7

Tech Tip #6 F1 Help Function Within Route Manager Series 7

Have you been on a Route Manager screen and not known what to do? We have created a solution where you can find answers without having to leave the program. Throw away your paper RMA manual!

From within any Route Manager screen, you can touch the F1 key on your keyboard and bring up a menu of helpful videos, websites and documents.


By clicking on any of the options and pressing the preview key, you can bring up helpful information within a second.

By clicking on this icon, you will bring up a PDF file that’s related to the screen itself or its uses


By clicking on this icon, you will bring up a video that we’ve created to help you.


By clicking on this icon, you will bring up a web page that has information relating to your screen, or its content.


By utilizing the F1 help menus within our software, you will be able to access our database of information easily and without searching our websites, looking in manuals or calling tech support.

We are always here to help, but we want to make it easier and faster for you to get the answers you are looking for! Feel free to call us anytime, but don’t forget about this powerful feature, right at your fingertips.

Your ARS Support Team

Tech Tip #32 Downloading the RMA 7.0.2r6 Update

Downloading the RMA 7.0.2r6 Update

With our recent release of Route Manager 7.0.2r6, we at Advantagers Route Systems thought it would be a good idea to give you the power and knowledge to be able to download the release on your own. This is available to all accounts on an active support plan.

You will need to be on Microsoft server 2008 or Windows 7 or higher. If you have not run an update previously, we suggest contacting for assistance the first time around.

Follow the steps below to download the update:

1) In your web browser go to our support website, Once on the webpage, select the “Log In” option in the upper right corner.


2) You will be prompted to login using your Username and Password.Note: Your username is defaulted to your CI Code, and Password is defaulted to the company Zip Code. If you do not have this information, contact


3) Once logged in navigate to the support dropdown tab and choose the “Downloads” option to be navigated to the downloads page.


4) From here, you will want to select the link to “Route Manager Advanced.”


5) You will then be able to view all of the available updates for Route Manager. You will want to select the latest release “7.0.2r6.”


6) On this page you can read the release notes associated with 7.0.2r6, including fixes, enhancements and suggestions. If you are interested in updating you will select the “Download” link on the right hand side. The download will begin at the bottom of your screen.


From this point, you can now run and install the update. If you need any assistance at any point, feel free to call us. We are standing by! Thank you for being our customer.

Click here to view our Power Hour covering the new features in 7.0.2r6.

Your ARS Support Team


It’s back by popular demand!

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Tech Tip #31


Default Products by Customer Report

The Default Products by Customer Report allows you to view default products assigned to each customer. This is a great tool to review products and pricing on a customer basis without having to search through each customer.

The Default Products by Customer Report can be found under:

Reports > Accounting Reports > Customer > Default Products by Customer

reports customer.png

There are many different filters and sort options you can use to run this report. The sort options are most important, as this will set the configuration of the report, and will give you different results based on the sorting.

Sort by the following categories:

  • Product Class
  • Charge Code
  • Customer
  • Group Area Code

Default Products by Customer.png

Below is an example of what your Default Products by Customer report may look like. The report in the example is sorted by Customer.


This is a great tool to use and stay up to date with products on accounts. If you need any assistance with this report, feel free to call us. We are standing by! Thank you for being our customer.


Refurbished BM 170 handhelds

Nail Art

Get them while they last!

If you have not migrated to Android handhelds, you may want to take a look at these Windows Mobile devices.

The BM-170 is a semi-rugged, compact device sporting a bright 3.5 inch screen. It comes loaded with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, GPS and GPRS. It uses an enclosed MicroSD card (up to 32 GB) for data storage.

These devices are refurbished and in good condition! Take advantage of this offer if you would like a semi-rugged handheld with a Windows operating system at a great price! These gently-used handhelds are a steal at over 60% off!

They were purchased by another customer of ours about two years ago and were in service for about one year. Some are in near new condition!

Regular price: $699

Refurbished price: $250

That’s over 60% off!

Tech Tip #30


Past Due by Route Day Report

The Past Due by Route Day Report will allow you to strategically contact past due customers based upon their next delivery date. You can run this report daily for collections, or distribute it to a salesperson to assist with collecting payments on route.


The Past Due by Route Day report can be found under:

Reports > Route Reports > Daily > Past Due by Route Day.

Past due by route.png

Sort Options:

Route: Specify a range of routes to include in the report from the drop-down list.

Promised Date: The range of route dates to include in the report.

Include: Choose the data ranges to include.

Credit Class: The range of credit classes to include.
Acct Status: The range of account status codes to include.
Acct Type: The range of customer account types to include.


Include Address Info (Extended Info): Select this option to include the following additional details for each account:

  • Address Info
  • If the account has equipment installed
  • Last payment date
  • Day Label/Sequence

Include Authorization Codes: Select this box to have the requested Authorization Codes listed on the report.
Include All Dates for this Route: Checking this box to include ALL Dates on the route(s) specified.
Summary Totals Only: Choose this option to suppress the detailed customer information on the report.
Include all Customers on Route: Choose this option to include all customers on the report, regardless of balance or past due status.
Don’t Include Will Call Customers: Choose this option to exclude accounts marked as ‘Will Call’ from the report.

Below is an example of what your Past Due by Route Day report may look like. You can customize the sort options anyway to match your preference.

Past due by Route Day.png

This is a great tool to use to stay up to date with collection from your customers. If you need any assistance with this report, feel free to call us. We are standing by! Thank you for being our customer.

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