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Route Manager for Android

android handheld

Many of you have been asking us if we were going to offer an alternate hardware platform to Windows Mobile.  We have been looking at this for several years and now we are pleased to announce that as of today, September 9, we have new software that will run on your Android handhelds!

Our top notch development team just handed us the keys to our all-new Android handheld software.  Customers are excited that the wait is over and they can start implementing this new tool in their every day work environment.

So, whether you want to use an Android tablet or cell phone, we have just the software you need.  Patterned after our successful Windows-based software, we have taken the best from over 20 years of experience and integrated it with some of the most modern tools available.  The result is a powerful tool that is second to none!

With this new version, you can use your Android device with Route Manager Advanced to collect data; capture signatures; print receipts and all of the things you have used for years.  With the integrated GPS, you can even use your handheld as a navigation device – with Google Maps.   Use the built-in camera to take pictures, scan bar codes and much more.

We’re ready to go to work!  If you use your handheld in the following industries, you can start today.  If not, stay with us as we keep our programmers busy.

Ready now:

    • Ice
    • Bread
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • General Merchandise

Coming soon is full functionality for a variety of industries including Oil Recycling, Propane and Bottled Water.

Give us a call at 1.888.294.7688 ext. 299 or 1.209.632.1122 outside of the USA.  You can also email us at  We look forward to helping you.


What the software looks like on Androids!

When we started on this journey, we had several objectives with the software:

  1. Keep it as close to the existing software as possible.
  2. Allow it to drop into Route Manager so that customers could use a mix of handheld devices.
  3. Use as many new features available through the Android as possible.
  4. Leave growing room for even more functionality as needs change in the future.

With that in mind, we now have evidence of the above as you see some of the screens in our new application.  Here are some screens that are from a 4” Android phone.  Of course, things are slightly different with the 10” tablet, but it is essentially the same!

Here is the new login screen and the main menu on the Android device:
login      MAINMENU

Menus are about the same as you go to load and unload
LoadMenu    LoadScreen

There are a few new things on the Route Stop Selection screen


The quick entry screen is also familiar.
QuickEntry     QuickEntry2

More is coming!  We are working on several aspects of the program concurrently with different programmers and will show you more examples as we go.

Visit our hardware site to purchase!


If you have questions or suggestions please email us at

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