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Modules are add-on software programs that enhance your Route Manager program with additional benefits, aimed at making life easier for you and your employees. Below is a list of our currently available modules. If you have an idea for a module, we would love to hear from you!



 Advanced Mapping – Discontinued November 2016

Save time, money, and fuel by quickly optimizing your delivery routes resulting in your drivers servicing their routes more efficiently. Learn more



Automated Processing

This module gives you the time to focus on more important aspects of your business. How can you ‘save’ on time and money by purchasing the Bulk Statements Module?




In our digital world, we are always looking for quicker ways to get payment from our customers. ARS addresses this need with our multi-interface E-Funds module. The Electronic Funds module allows for customers to pay with credit card, transfer, or Lock Box, and keep their financial information secure. 




EDI is the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means. It is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from one computer system to another (i.e., from one trading partner to another trading partner without human intervention).


Electronic Filing


Electronic Filing – Discontinued November 2016

Simply scan a document, save it to an account number and then retrieve it at any time by looking up a customer’s account and clicking on the ‘filing cabinet’ icon. Waste no more time searching for an old document or an important contract.




Our new eStore Payment (ESP) is an excellent tool to let you capture customer payments from your website. It also lets your customers view invoices; change credit card information – all with the click of a mouse.



The RMLive! package is a real time data transfer system that works in conjunction with RMAdvanced! It allows your delivery people to make a sale at a customer site and immediately have the data transferred to the host (desktop server) system.


Route Data Exchange


Route Data Exchange

The fewest number of trucks to deliver the most amount of product is ideal. Lower costs, fewer repairs, less insurance, means higher profits and fewer headaches. R-DEX can give you that extra efficiency. With Route Data Exchange, you can pass data to and from several route optimization programs so that you can increase route efficiencies.



Route Dispatch Manager

The Route Dispatch Manager is a powerful drag and drop visual routing tool that will help you easily manage your route schedules. Being a visual tool, you can quickly determine how a route will be delivered and ensure that it is logistically accurate. The Route Dispatch Manager is fully integrated into Route Manager and your data is immediately updated as changes are made.


Package Plan


Package Plan

We have developed a package that enables customers to pay a flat rate per month for a given quantity of products. We call this a Package Plan. The software is easy to set up, it automatically tracks products consumed, and even bills for goods that go over the contracted amount. It is simple and effective.


Point of Sale – New for 2017

Point of Sale is an all-new multi-function program that works with your Route Manager software.  It allows you to create a cash register in your store to make sales to customers – or anyone who walks through the front door.  It integrates touch screen technology, bar code readers and credit card scanners to help you check out customers quickly and efficiently.  If you love Route Manager and just wish there was a more efficient way of servicing them when they come to visit you, here is the tool!  There is no more efficient way of serving customers whether you have 2 visits per hour or 200!


Mango Mapping – New for 2017

Mango Mapping is an all-new multi-function mapping program that works with your Route Manager software.  If uses the world-renowned Google Maps as its base and has been carefully integrated into Route Manager Series 7 for a flawless interface.  In just a matter of a few minutes you can see your customers plotted and optimized on a map to help you save time; reduce fuel costs and even skip the overtime since you are so much better at getting your routes done!  Check out the features below to see how complete this product is.  The best part is there are no upfront fees and you simple pay by the number of trucks using the software!

Mango File – New for 2017



Bulk Statements


Bulk Statements

This module gives you the time to focus on more important aspects of your business. How can you ‘save’ on time and money by purchasing the Bulk Statements Module?


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