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Automated Processing

moon-and-starsAutomated Processing

– or, AP, for short – is a sophisticated tool that lets you automate routine functions in RMA so that you can ‘kick off’ a process and the system will do a series of complex steps for you! For example, using our graphical tool, you can create a script that would:

  • Print out your Sales Summary by Route Report
  • Post your daily transactions
  • Print out aging totals
  • Print out all Pre-Route reports for tomorrow, and more!


With Automated Processing, you can save dozens of hours per week doing routine tasks. Here is an example: Let’s assume that one of your staff runs the following reports every day for your route drivers and managers:

Pre-Route reports for route R01 – R19 and prints them locally Pre-Route reports for routes R20 – R25 and prints to remote printer Pre-Route reports for routes R44 for the service manager. Sales Summary report from yesterday for each of 3 Route Managers that are in 2 locations.

Your imagination is the limit:

With Automated Processing, you set it up once with the parameters that you want. From that point forward, it will start at the same time each day and automatically enter the proper parameters, choose the correct printer and do your job for you. Any time you need to update your process, you simply bring up the script, make a few minor changes and save it. It is off and running with a new set of rules (or parameters).

By saving 2 – 3 hours a day in doing repetitive tasks, you can save hundreds of hours per year in time that can be spent talking with customers and building relationships. Eliminate the boredom (and errors) that comes from doing the same thing every day. Better yet, when an employee calls in sick, you will have peace of mind knowing that rain or shine, the same quality job will be processed – every day. So, hire Automated Processing as your new employee! The best, most consistent new worker that you will ever hire!

Oh, and did I mention that Automated Processing works 24 hours a day without complaining? No more overtime – even if you want to run reports at 2:00 in the morning. How much better can it get? What can this do for your month end processing? Trade hours of overtime, inefficient use of ‘real people’ time, sick pay – all for a low one-time fee for Automated Processing. In return you get consistency, no whining, quality and commitment.

The Automated processing program has been designed to help you do routine things routinely. It consists of four parts:

AP Setup The main function of the AP Setup program is to build a routine of steps (a script) that can be executed without user intervention. To do this, a screen similar to the one below will let the user add programs to run during a given script. The system will allow multiple scripts to be created and saved. Thus, you can have a script for weekly processing and another one for month end or other routines. There are no limits to the number of scripts that you can create in the system. {Script creation screen} There are a number of things that will be associated with each step:

The program name When to process this step What values are to be used for certain field variables (first route; last route, for example) What printer to use for output Who to notify when it is complete Who to notify if it does not complete

Programs to be included in AP Process The following Route Manager programs will be available to AP. New programs will be added as user requests come in. You will not be charged for additional programs as they are added.

Transactions > Transaction Details Transactions > Posting Transactions > GL Output Reports > Accounting Reports > Customer > Aging Analysis Reports > Accounting Reports > Sales > Sales Detail Reports > Statements Reports > Route > Daily > Past Due by Route Day Route > Pre-Route Reports

As the need arises, more programs can be outfitted with the logic so they can become part of the AP routine. AP Prep Prior to AP Execute, it will be necessary to configure the dynamic variable prior to the run. Typically, this will only take a minute or two, and will involve:

Selecting the desired routine to run (the script) Entering the start time for the routine to run Entering appropriate dates for dynamic reports that are date dependent Entering appropriate ranges for such things as routes, salesman codes, etc. Any other parameters that are designed into the system.

Once these items have been entered, the system is now ready to execute at the appointed time. It will even be possible for multiple scripts to be executed at the same time for different purposes.AP Execute The AP Execute program involves virtually no user interaction. Based on the parameters fed to the system, it will start automatically and then do the jobs it was programmed to do in the AP Setup system. During this process, it will record what it does and when. This will create data for the AP Results program – which will allow the operator to review the following day what was done. There will also be the possibility that a program may fail. If it does, then there will be a process to deal with this.AP Results

As a result of the logging that will take place during AP Execute, it will be possible to view what happened ‘the morning after.’ This will permit users to confirm that all programs were processed as expected. It will also notify you if there were any errors. A flexible program will allow you to view the data in a number of different ways.

Using Automated Processing is easy. Basically, it is a three step process:

Through a graphical interface, choose the programs that you would like to run at a later time or on a recurring basis. Set the parameters, like you would if you were running the program. Set the scheduler so it knows when to run this set of events – reports, posting, period close, etc. The system will then follow your steps – at the appointed time and then do exactly as you have ‘programmed’ it to do. No calling in sick, no excuses. Simple execution. At the end of the routine, you can be notified by email that it was completed so you have piece of mind that everything was done. There is even a convenient log created during execution that will let you know the time each step started and ended. If there are any anomalies, you will be the first to know!

If you can run RMA today, you can run Automated Processing. You simply need to install the program (that is downloaded from our Web site) and go through a small configuration to be running. It takes a small amount of memory and disk space, and very little processing power. When it is running, it does not take up a user license for your system. The program can be run from either a workstation or a server.
Q. Is Automated Processing compatible with my version of RMA?
A. If you are on Version 6.0.2 or later, then Automated Processing can be activated without upgrading your software.

Q.Does Automated Processing work with RM2000 or QRoute?
A. Automated Processing only works with Route Manager Advanced (RMA)

Q.Do I receive assistance in setting up AP?
A. Yes, 5 hours of support comes with AP. In addition, you will find sample scripts in the included software so you can get up and going in just a few minutes. There is even a Test Program that is built in so that you can see your script run before it launches on its own.

Q.Can I try it first to see if I like it?
A. Yes, you have up to 30 days to try the software and if you do not like it, you will receive a full refund.

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