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Bulk Statements

ars-b-bulk_statements_diskThis module gives you the time to focus on more important aspects of your business. How can you ‘save’ on time and money by purchasing the Bulk Statements Module?

  • Save on the cost of Paper
  • Save on the cost of Envelopes
  • Save on the cost of Ink
  • Save on all the labor of stuffing, stamping and mailing.

No more stuffing envelopes and licking stamps! Simply send a file and the rest is completed for you.

Client Testimonials

“The Bulk Statement Program offered by Advantage Route Systems is a quick, easy, and professional way to process your monthly statements. With the click of a button, all company statements are out the door for less than the cost of a stamp per statement “
Jay Peterson, Mountain Glacier LLC, President

“The Bulk Statements Module works great and saves time and energy. We no longer have to stand by the printer waiting for statements to print. Before using the Bulk Statements Module we used to hire an extra person for a day or two, just to get our statements done. Now we send them directly to Matrix Imaging, and they mail them off the next day”
Lane Jones, Lanier Beverage Group, President

“Bulk Statements have significantly reduced our month-end billing procedure. With a customer base of approx. 1,200, it was taking 2-3 days to print, fold, stuff, stamp, and mail the invoices. That time-frame has been reduced to approximately 1 1/2 hours and has given us the time to do other business duties”
Dan and Linda, Pittsburgh Water Cooler Service

Ordering statements, stocking of envelopes and running to the post office can all be eliminated by using our bulk mail service. This third-party service prints the statements, stuffs them (including a return envelope) and mails them to the customers for pennies. This module is only available in the United States.
By utilizing the Bulk Statements Module you can eliminate ordering statements, stuffing envelopes, and running to the Post Office. Matrix Imaging does all of this for you! On top of that, Matrix also allows you to use your own logo, customize your statement, and add promotional inserts.

Prices may vary depending upon design features. Your customers will love your new statements because they are accurate, informative, and they look great! Just think, no more staying late or paying overtime! You won’t have to hold up your printers and computers while you are waiting for statements to print. Regardless of whether you print 300 or 3,000 statements, the Bulk Statements Module will help you!

Each Month you do a normal month-end, however, instead of printing statements they are ‘printed’ to an electronic file and uploaded to Matrix Imaging, a third party service. Matrix Imaging prints the statements, stuffs them in envelopes, and mails them to your customers. The best part is that they can do it within 24 hours of receipt of the data file! Here is the schedule that will determine when your statements will be mailed, dependent upon the day they are submitted and the time the file is received.
An Internet connection must be available to send data to Matrix Imaging. It may be one of the following:

  • Dial-up modem
  • Cable
  • DSL

You may also send data to Matrix Imaging directly by modem to their office.

Q. What are the setup charges?
A. There is an initial one-time module fee of $495.00 to get your account set up with Matrix Imaging. After that you simply pay for each piece mailed.

Q. What if I want a different form than the samples listed?
A. Custom statements are billed on a per hour basis. The rate is $125 per hour and the amount of time charged will depend on the complexity of the request. Send us your request and we will provide you with a free quote.

Q. Can I mail statements to Canada, Mexico or overseas?
A. Yes. The charge for mail to Canada or Mexico is $1.15 for a letter that would mail at the regular postal rate of $0.49 to a United States address. The charge for mail to an overseas address would cost $2.05 cents for a letter that would mail at the regular postal rate of $0.49 to a United States address. *Costs per mailing will vary dependent upon the weight of the letter.*

Q. How long will it take for my customers to get their statements?
A. The following states receive their statements in one day: New York, Dallas, TX area. These states will receive them in two days: ME, VT, RI, MA, CT, NH, NJ, DE, PA, OH, MI, NJ, TX, OK, NM, AR, LA, MO and Southern CA. All other states will receive them within three days.

Q. What if I need something special on the back of my statement?
A. Matrix Imaging can print special images on the back of your statement. This is done on a ‘per incident’ basis. Matrix must approve all special images before processing your order.

Q. Can I send a statement copy of the handheld signature page?
A. Yes. The cost of this would be $0.08 per signature page. They will also charge a $125.00 setup fee for signature pages. This charge will be added to your bill as an additional programming and testing requirement.

Q. Do I send my data to Advantage Route Systems or to Matrix Imaging?
A. All data is sent to Matrix Imaging. After initial assistance from ARS to help you get set up, everything is done directly with Matrix Imaging.

Q. Is my data safe in the hands of another party?
A. If you do not want to transmit your data over the Internet, you can transfer the data directly via modem. Matrix Imaging is an established, reliable company that maintains your job separately from all others and they keep your information confidential.

Q. Who can use Matrix Imaging?
A. Matrix Imaging is a mailing house that processes statements for customers who mail into the United States, Canada, Mexico, or overseas. There is an additional cost for statements mailed out of the United States.

Q. What do the statements look like?
A. You can choose between a variety of colored stock papers printed with black ink.

Q. How do I know Matrix received my file?
A. When Matrix Imaging receives your file, they will fax you a confirmation sheet similar to the one below: Verify that the numbers on the confirmation sheet correspond with the numbers on the Bulk Statement Summary report. If these numbers are not the same, contact Matrix Imaging at 800-675-9505.

Q. How do I enroll?
A. Before you can start sending your data to Matrix Imaging you must complete the following. This will ensure that when you begin using Matrix Imaging everything will run smoothly.

1. Complete the application form and fax it to Advantage Route Systems, attention Lauren Brooks. An instruction guideline is available to walk you through the application.

2. We will contact you within two business days to confirm enrollment and provide you with additional Matrix Imaging Information.

3. A test file will need to be created and sent to Matrix imaging. NOTE: Before using Matrix Imaging for the first time the following items must be completed: An application form for enrollment A test data file must be created and sent to Matrix Imaging The first mailing payment must be paid in advance. You can calculate the estimated postage amount by multiplying the number of statements to be mailed by 0.42. You will then send a check to Matrix Imaging for that amount, and be billed for the rest on you next bill.

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