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Point of Sale – New for 2017

Point of Sale is an all-new multi-function program that works with your Route Manager software. It allows you to create a cash register in your store to make sales to customers – or anyone who walks through the front door. It integrates touch screen technology, bar code readers and credit card scanners to help you check out customers quickly and efficiently. If you love Route Manager and just wish there was a more efficient way of servicing them when they come to visit you, here is the tool! There is no more efficient way of serving customers whether you have 2 visits per hour or 200!

Here are just a few of the many benefits that will be yours by using Point of Sale:

  • Better Customer Service – You can set up a desktop computer for your store – complete with touchscreen monitor; bar code reader (for scanning UPC codes on your goods), credit card swiper and in the near future even control a cash drawer.  This makes the Point of Sale a powerful normal delivery territories or even sales territories so that when a request comes in, you can look up the customer address to know which route and day they will be served.
  • Cash or credit sales – You can make a cash sale to a total stranger or you can allow current customers to pay by cash, credit card, check – or even charge the sale!
  • Credit Cards are just a swipe away – if you take credit cards it is easy to swipe your customer’s credit card to ring up the sale.
  • Touchscreen convenience – The software supports using an inexpensive touch screen monitor – usually about USD200.  That means you can quickly touch the screen and never need a mouse or keyboard (even though it is accessible.  It does mean that you can progress transactions quickly and easily.  Avoid a long check-out line in your store!
  • All Variable Pricing built in – If you have a lower price if a customer buys at your store instead of delivering on route, you can build that into the point of sale system – without an override!

Here is a list of some of the basic features the system provides for your use. Each of these features is described in the our on-line help and will provide a tremendous benefit to your organization.

  • Works on a regular desktop – no matter what your configuration, you can use the Point of Sale system – single workstation, mapped drives or RDP!
  • Touch screen functionality – ability for operators to easily maneuver through the module with a touch of a finger!
  • Save top 10 products – easily access your top 10 products through the POS screen for a quick sale!
  • Works with barcode Scanner  – no more entering products or remembering product ID’s – easily scan codes with a wireless barcode scanner!
  • Separate in store price list – different pricing for those customers who purchase in the store rather than deliver? Not a problem! POS can handle all of this and more!

The Point of Sale module can give your retail outlet a boost if you are using Route Manager.

Point of Sale is an optional module available in RMA version 7.02R6 or later.  To use it, you will need a new serial number.  This will give you access to a new menu option under MODULES.  Specifications for the supplemental hardware can be found in our user guide for this product.  Contact our sales team for assistance on this manual.


Feature Point of Sales


Integrates fully with RMA



Use Touch screen monitor



Wired or Wireless Bluetooth scanner


4  Credit Card Swipe Option



Set seperate pricing for in store customers


Price / per system


Q: Will this run under terminal services or a cloud server?
A: Yes, no matter what your configuration, you can use the Point of Sale system – single workstation, mapped drives or RDP!

Q: Can I set this up with hot keys?
A: you can easily set this up with the custom toolbar function in RMA.

Q: What is required?
A: To set up the Point of Sale system, there are several things that you will need to do.

  • RMA Version 7.02r6 or later
  • Secure the proper serial number for this module
  • Setup your POS Configuration and Quick Sale Products
  • Ensure Products are properly setup with UPC codes (optional)
  • Set up a shortcut to the POS module through My Toolbar (optional)
  • Install appropriate hardware – Credit Card Reader, Product Scanner
  • Understand the POS Sales screens

Q: What are the benefits?
A: A point of sale system can make your operations more efficient by working directly through the Route Manager program. Very little training is required to get started with the module if you are familiar with the Invoices & Adjustments process in Route Manager. The easy setup will assure that you can buy what you need and be up and running very quickly.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Point of Sale is a one-time charge of $499 – no additional fees or annual charges!

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