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The RMLive!

package is a real time data transfer system that works in conjunction with RMAdvanced! It allows your delivery people to make a sale at a customer site and immediately have the data transferred to the host (desktop server) system. This yields two primary benefits:

  • Sales data is available a few seconds after the transaction occurs. This will allow your call center personnel to field calls, reprint receipt copies, etc.
  • Location information is transmitted along with the transaction so you will know where your delivery person is – thus helping you dispatch him to another call, etc.

All of this is based on the delivery person having a PDA (handheld) that is equipped with cellular data capabilities. You must also have an internet connection.

The RMLive! package is a bi-directional, real-time data transfer system between the handheld and your desktop. It works in conjunction with Route Manager Advanced to allow your delivery people to make a sale at a customer site and immediately transfer the information back to the office.
The system will transmit orders to the driver directly. As you take an order, you have the option of choosing a route and sending the order immediately to the driver’s handheld remotely. The delivery person can acknowledge and accept the order or give a reason why they are unable to service the customer.
Once you have set up the Advanced Communications module, using the RMLive! feature is simple. The system uses GPRS transfer methods from your driver’s smart phone in the field to transfer data to-and-from the desktop. This allows the driver to instantly download delivery orders and notes as well as upload completed invoices while out on route.
  • Compatible handheld
  • WiFi or cellular data capabilities
  • Internet connection to your server or desktop
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 or older (not Windows Mobile 7) or Android OS – 4.1 or later (JellyBean).
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