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Route Dispatch Manager

The Route Dispatch Manager is a powerful drag and drop visual routing tool that will help you easily manage your route schedules. Being a visual tool, you can quickly determine how a route will be delivered and ensure that it is logistically accurate. The Route Dispatch Manager is fully integrated into Route Manager and your data is immediately updated as changes are made. This program will allow you to update handheld data prior to processing cards, transmit changes in real time (additional hardware and services may be required), and a variety of other activities.



The Route Dispatch Manager creates a centralized routing program that ties together drag and drop scheduling. It will save you time in preparing route for delivery. It is so easy to use that minimal training is required to successfully use this tool!
Using the color coding features of Route Manager, you can easily see which scheduled stops are:

  • New account setups
  • Service Calls
  • Special Deliveries
  • Emergency needs
  • Will Call customers
Since the RDM program is integrated with your Route Manager software, it makes obtaining important route data simple. RDM will use route, sequence, load capacities and more to determine useful load data and optimum delivery sequence. The simple to use interface allows you to view each route on a map and easily make desired changes. Once each route has been optimized, just click the save button to update RMA. Note: Either Microsoft MapPoint software or a Viamente on-line mapping account is required for mapping features
Starting with our latest release of Route Manager Series 7, all customers can use the Route Dispatch Manager Software. For those users who are still using RM2000 the features will be limited.

Use of the mapping component requires two things:

You have the Advanced Mapping module from ARS and you live in a part of the world where Microsoft MapPoint is available. Currently, this includes the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

You sign up for a Viamente/WorkWave on-line route optimization account through Advantage Route Systems, which provides mapping tools throughout the world, wherever Google Maps are available.

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