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Mango File

Simply scan a document, save it to an account number and then retrieve it at any time by looking up a customer’s account and clicking on the ‘filing cabinet’ icon. Don't waste any more time searching for an old document or an important contract. Increase the quality of your customer service by spending more time assisting your customers instead of digging through dirty boxes trying to find old lease agreements with Mango File!


Storing documents and retrieving them is a costly and time consuming project. There are many factors that add into the total cost of this process. Mango File eliminates problems such as the cost of filing cabinets, filing folders and labels, and the rental of floor space for filing cabinets. It also helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to find, retrieve, and refile a document. This system will enable you to spend more time with your customers rather than spending time looking for their files and records.

Design Features

Features Included with Mango File:


Retrieve Documents Easily and Quickly


Store Critical Documents Together


Improve Customer Service


View, Fax, Print, and Send Files To Your Customers



Look up handwritten notes, returned checks, lease agreement copies, and any other documents.

Once filed, documents cannot be lost or misplaced.

By freeing up time spent on filing, customer service personnel can use their time more productively.

Mango File was designed to operate as a virtual filing cabinet, complete with drawers and file folders.

Use Mango File as a stand-alone system or easily integrate it with the RMA Corporate or Enterprise software to store contracts, leases, or any other documents.

How It Works

Mango File was designed to operate as a virtual filing cabinet, complete with drawers and file folders. Set up a drawer and folder, select document location and scan. Each document is stored electronically on your computer and can be accessed easily by entering a customer’s account number.


Finding documents within RMA Corporate or Enterprise is as easy as pulling up a customer account. Once the customer’s account has been retrieved, simply click the filing cabinet icon and see the documents assigned to that account. Once you have the appropriate hardware and software, you will need to complete the following three steps to put your new filing system to work: (1) Install the system. (2) Scan documents into the system. (3) If you are using RMA Corporate or Enterprise, go to Customer Information in the RMA Corporate or Enterprise system and retrieve any stored documents. If you are not using RMA Corporate or Enterprise, use the browse function in Mango File to retrieve the documents.


The following list is the minimum hardware required to run the Mango File system:
  • 450 MHz processor or greater (1GHz recommended)
  • 1GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • VGA monitor with video card
  • 100GB hard disk drive
  • CD-ROM or greater (optional)
  • Keyboard, mouse, and monitor – touchscreen monitor can be useful
  • Internet connection (for technical support)
  • Network connection card
  • A TWAIN or WIA compliant scanner. See User Guide for models that we have tested with the software. Make sure you have received all required items before you set up the system. If you believe that anything is missing, contact Advantage Route Systems or your reseller immediately.

Q. Do I need a fast computer to run Mango File?

A. The following list is the minimum hardware required to run the Mango File system. • 10GB hard disk drive. • 36X CD-ROM or greater. • Keyboard, mouse, and monitor. • Internet connection, Cable, or DSL (for technical support ). • Network connection card. • A TWAIN compliant scanner. For best results, order a complete kit from ARS.

Q. How do I retrieve my saved document? You have two options.

A. You can use the Fast Find button or the Contacts tab in Route Manager Series 7. To use the FAST FIND function, click on the Fast Find shortcut key , then enter the account number date range, and description (optional) to bring up a particular document. If Match Whole Description is checked, then Mango File will only bring up matches that fit the entire description you have entered. After clicking OK, the first document will appear on the screen. You may go to other documents listed under that account number by pressing the Next button. To view one of the documents, simply click one and it will display in preview mode as shown below. You may then choose to print or fax a copy. Can I switch the order of the drawers? Yes, To change the drawer order, position the mouse pointer over the drawer you want to move, hold down the Control key (Ctrl), and then click and hold down the right button on your mouse. Place the pointer over the drawer that you want to switch it with and release the button. The drawer you dragged is inserted and the rest drop down one. Repeat this process until all drawers are ordered as desired.

Q. Can I print out a report?

A. Daily statistics will generate a report that gives the total of each type of file entered into the system for the specified date range. Enter dates into the From Date and To Date fields to designate the days to include in the report.

Q. Where are my files stored on my computer?

A. All data files (scanned images) are stored in a single sub-directory of the hard drive. They are stored in a folder called: ScanFiles . It may be located on any drive of the customer’s choice. This folder has up to 100 subfolders for the sorting and storage of documents.

Q. What file format do my documents become?

A. As the documents are scanned, they are stored in a common format called JPEG. This allows the documents to be viewed by any program that can read and display this format.


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