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Mango Mapping

Mango Mapping is an all-new multi-function mapping program that works with your Route Manager software. It uses the world-renowned Google Maps as its base and has been carefully integrated into Route Manager Series 7 for a flawless interface. In just a few minutes you can see your customers plotted and optimized on a map to help you save time, reduce fuel costs, and even skip the overtime since you are so much better at getting your routes done! Check out the features below to see how complete this product is. The best part is there are no upfront fees and you simply pay by the number of trucks using the software!


Here are just a few of the many benefits that will be yours by using Mango Mapping:

  • Better Customer Service – You can set up your normal delivery territories or even sales territories so that when a request comes in, you can look up the customer's address to know which route and day they will be served.
  • Full Map Integration – Mango Mapping is fully integrated into Route Manager Series 7 so you can move data to the map and back again without exporting data and going through multiple unnecessary steps.
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  • Optimize Your Routes – Mango Mapping lets you quickly and efficiently take a group of stops for a truck for a given day and arrange them into the best order – taking into account drive times, traffic, opening hours, etc.
  • See Your Stops – Instead of lists of street names, you can do a much better job of organizing routes by seeing each stop on a map in relation to other customers.
  • Clean Up Addresses – All delivery addresses are not perfect. One of the features of the package is the ability to verify that they are legitimate locations by correctly identifying the street name, spelling, etc. Then, we put the latitude and longitude on each delivery address so it is perfect in the future – for the desktop and the handheld.
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Design Features

Features Included with Mango Mapping:




Truck Tracking


Route Day Optimization


Look At Multiple Days/Routes Together


Set Up Territories


Create Maps To View On The Handhelds

Correct stop addresses by making sure all addresses are geocoded with proper latitude and longitude on each account.

If your handhelds have a data plan, you can have each device send their location every few seconds and they will show up on a map in your office.

You can easily see where you will be going and this can help you save both time and fuel costs!

By looking at multiple dates/routes together, you will be able to plot out the best routes for your drivers.

Further increase the efficiency of your routes by setting up territories.

Create overlays on a map to show your routes and delivery days.


How It Works

Mango Mapping is a powerful addition to your Route Manager program. It allows you to take text data and transform it to real world geographic coordinates that you can see on a map. It makes it easier to do route planning and can even help in your customer service department.

  • Mango Mapping requires RMA Series 7.03 or later. If you do not have this version of Route Manager, you will need to upgrade your system in order to take advantage of this feature.
  • You will also need to have internet access as this tool uses the web version of Google Maps to do its work.
  • While not required, a large monitor is helpful so you can zoom in on details and be able to see where your trucks are. It is also useful to have a monitor mounted on the wall for the truck tracking feature so you can see where your vehicles are!
  • You will need to have a web browser on your system. If you use Internet Explorer, it must be version 10 or higher. We also support Chrome and others.
Ref Feature Pro Advanced Enterprise Release
1 Geo Coding X
(up to 500 addresses per batch)
Rate: 1 per second
(up to 5000 addresses per batch)
Rate: 4 per second
(unlimited addresses per batch)
Rate: 8 per second
2 Daily Route Optimization by shortest distance Up to 3 routes per day – up to 99 stops

per route

Up to 50 routes per day – up to 199

stops per route

Unlimited route per day – up to

999 stops per route

3 Truck Tracking 3 50 Unlimited 1
4 Lookup / Plotting a single address X X X 1
5 Lookup address within RMA (new customer wizard) X X X 1
6 10 closest customers – (green dot) X X 1
7 Weather Layer on truck tracking X X 1
8 Map templates/Territories 1 Unlimited Unlimited 1
9 Plotting multiple, simultaneous routes X X X 2
10 Last invoice Latitude/Longitude display X X 2
11 Multi-day Route Optimization X X 2
12 Route Track – end of day play back X X 2
13 Sequencing on Handheld X X 2
Price per truck Free with RMA $22/mo per truck $38/mo per truck

Q: Can I change the sequence of my route after optimizing?

A: Yes, modifying the sequence is as simple as dragging and dropping your customers the best way you want to service them. While it is generally best to let the system do it, sometimes we realize that you may have special requirements to do it in a specific order.

Q: How does it work?

A: There are several distinct functions provided by Mango Mapping. These handle fundamental operations like geo-coding, optimization, truck tracking and more.

Q: What is required?

A: You will need Route Manager Version 7.03 and later. You will also need access to the internet as the software uses Google Maps as the engine to do the mapping portion. You will also need Internet Explorer 10 or later if you use their browser. We also support Chrome and other browsers.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: Improved optimized routes will save time, money, and fuel, and provide clear turn-by-turn directions with a map for drivers . You can also download your optimized sequence to the handheld and use Google maps on each Android-based device to give you the “Take Me There” function that makes it simple for any delivery driver to find the right customer.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The basic Mango Mapping Pro version is free to all users. See the feature chart for other versions.


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