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Mango Mapping®

Mango Mapping is a powerful multi-functional mapping program that works with your Route Manager software. It uses world-renowned HERE Maps® as its base and has been carefully integrated into Route Manager Series 7 for a flawless interface. In just a few minutes you can see your customers plotted and optimized on a map to help you save time, reduce fuel costs, and even skip overtime wages since you are so much better at getting your routes done! The best part is there are no upfront fees and you simply pay by the number of trucks using the software each month!


Here are just a few of the many benefits that will be yours by using Mango Mapping:

  • Better Customer Service – You can set up your normal delivery territories or even sales territories so that when a request comes in, you can look up the customer's address to know which route and day they will be served.
  • Full Map Integration – Mango Mapping is fully integrated into Route Manager Series 7 so you can move data to the map and back again without exporting data and going through multiple unnecessary steps.
  • MORE

  • Optimize Your Routes – Mango Mapping lets you quickly and efficiently take a group of stops for a truck for a given day and arrange them into the best order – taking into account drive times, traffic, opening hours, etc.
  • See Your Stops – Instead of lists of street names, you can do a much better job of organizing routes by seeing each stop on a map in relation to other customers.
  • Clean Up Addresses – All delivery addresses are not perfect. One of the features of the package is the ability to verify that they are legitimate locations by correctly identifying the street name, spelling, etc. Then, we put the latitude and longitude on each delivery address so it is perfect in the future – for the desktop and the handheld.
  • LESS

Design Features

Features Included with Mango Mapping:




Truck Tracking


Route Day Optimization


Look At Multiple Days/Routes Together


Set Up Territories


Create Maps To View On The Handhelds

Correct stop addresses by making sure all addresses are geocoded with proper latitude and longitude on each account.

If your handhelds have a data plan, you can have each device send their location every few seconds and they will show up on a map in your office.

You can easily see where you will be going and this can help you save both time and fuel costs!

By looking at multiple dates/routes together, you will be able to plot out the best routes for your drivers.

Further increase the efficiency of your routes by setting up territories.

Create overlays on a map to show your routes and delivery days.

How It Works

Mango Mapping is a powerful addition to your Route Manager program. It allows you to take text data and transform it to real world geographic coordinates that you can see on a map. It makes it easier to do route planning and can even help in your customer service department.

  • Mango Mapping requires RMA Series 7.0.4R8 or later. If you do not have this version of Route Manager, you will need to upgrade your system in order to take advantage of this feature.
  • You will also need to have internet access as this tool uses the web version of HERE Maps® to do its work.
  • While not required, a large monitor is helpful so you can zoom in on details and be able to see where your trucks are. It is also useful to have a monitor mounted on the wall for the truck tracking feature so you can see where your vehicles are!
  • You will need to have a web browser on your system. If you use Internet Explorer, it must be version 10 or higher. We also support Chrome and others.
  • NOTE: Certain features require that handhelds have Internet access and GPS enabled.
Reference Feature Silver Gold
1 Geo Coding Yes
(up to 500 addresses per batch)
Rate: 1 per second
Rate: 6 per second
2 Daily Route Optimization Up to 99 stops per day per route Up to 199 stops per day per route. Also allows optimization by time and time parameters!
3 Real-time truck tracking Yes Yes - With weather and traffic layers
4 Lookup/plotting a single address Yes Yes
5 Address Lookup within RMA (New customer wizard) Yes Yes
6 10 closest customers (green pin) Yes Yes
7 Map templates/Territories 1 99
8 Plotting multiple, simultaneous routes Yes Yes
9 Multi-day analysis and reorganization - Yes
10 Last invoice latitude/longitude display - Yes
11 Route view - end of day play back - Yes
12 Advanced sequencing on handheld - Yes
13 Automated overnight optimization - Yes
Price Per Truck $9.99 USD/ mo* ($29.97/quarter) $24.99 USD/ mo* ($74.97/quarter)
* Plus GST in Australia
Optimization includes restrictions for bridges, parkways, and other restrictions.
Reference Feature Description Silver Gold
1 Geo Coding Allows you to add a longitude and latitude to every address in Route Manager. This is a key element if you want to use any of the tools below! Geo code up to 500 customers at a time. Geo code up to unlimited customers at a time.
2 Daily Route Optimization Use this tool to plot and optimize your stops for a single route day. Start at the assigned warehouse and watch the system sequence your stops for you! Let’s you calculate the route based on distance. Let’s you calculate the route based on distance and time. Also takes route start time into consideration.
3 Real-time truck tracking Real time truck tracking will let you see where your trucks are as they travel throughout the day. It is based on the GPS in the handheld computer. Standard Added ability to view real time weather and traffic layers in Here Maps.
4 Lookup/Plot Address When you set up territories, you can then use this function to enter an address to determine which territory the customer is located. Helpful for call-ins asking about service areas. Standard Standard
5 Address Lookup
(New Customer Wizard)
As you use the customer wizard, you are able to immediately geo code new customers so you can route them. Standard Standard
6 10 Closest Customers
(Green Pin)
Ability to view and compare the 10 closest customers/routes to the account you are currently viewing. Standard Standard
7 Map Templates/Territories Used when a prospect calls in, you can determine if they are in your service area and when they would be serviced. Perfect if you have multiple branches, or geographically dispersed across the country. Maximum Territories: 1 Maximum Territories: 99
8 Plotting Multiple, Simultaneous Routes Ability to plot multiple routes on one map. Clearly see where your density is and an added option to make customer route changes. Standard Additional filters which allow you to drill down even further when looking at your customer data.
9 Multi-Day Analysis & Reorganization Ability to plot multiple days and routes on one map. Allows extensive analytics and automated reorganization of routes to show the optimum way to route your stops with the least number of trucks and hours per day. Not Included Standard
10 Last Invoice Latitude/Longitude Display As invoices are saved on the handheld, you can optionally capture the latitude and longitude of where it was signed. Compare this with the actual delivery location to make sure the goods were delivered to the right location. Not Included Standard
11 Route View
(End of Day Play Back)
This feature allows you to compare the planned route for the day vs. what the driver actually did. Shows stops, speeds, and a wealth of other information. Not Included Standard
12 Advanced Sequencing on Handheld Ability to sequence remaining stops on the handheld at any time. Starts where you are currently located and provides an optimized path back to the warehouse while servicing the remaining stops. Not Included Standard
13 Automated Overnight Optimization Set up the route optimization to run automatically. It will optimize routes late at night or early the next morning... or anytime you set! Not Included Standard
Price Per Truck $9.99 / mo* ($29.97/quarter) $24.99 / mo* ($74.97/quarter)
* Plus GST in Australia
Optimization includes restrictions for bridges, parkways, and other restrictions.
Here is a list of some of the basic features the system provides for your use. Each of these features is described in the our on-line help and will provide a tremendous benefit to your organization.
  • Geocoding
  • Truck Tracking
  • Route Day Optimization
  • Look at multiple dahs
  • Set up terrories
  • Create maps to view on the handhelds


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