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“The workshop is worth every penny. I have used RMA for over 5 years and thought I knew just about everything there was to know and I was wrong. I learned things I never knew the system was capable of doing in the first 30 minutes of the workshop! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!” — Lee Morris (Howco Environmental Services)

Howco Environmental Services

“Caley’s presentations were well organized, easy to follow and clearly executed – Responses to questions were well thought out and professionally addressed. Dave’s presentations were informative, naturally entertaining and well structured – his presentations are a reminder of why Advantage is our software!” –MOUNTAIN MIST

Mountain Mist

“This was my first user group meeting even though we have had ARS many years. Fantastic! Not only did I learn a lot but I also met and learned from other users. What I took away from this meeting will allow our company to be more efficient and gather better information that I didn’t know was available in level 7 of ARS.” –TYLER MOUNTAIN WATER

Tyler Mountain Water

“Invest in training and get your returns in productivity. Rev up your knowledge at our workshop and then rev up your productivity at your office.” –PEAK BOTTLING COMPANY

Peak Bottling Company

“The class was wonderful! I’ve only been with my company for about nine months so I have a lot to learn and this class helped so much! Caley, Kacey and David were all very nice and extremely genuine. I felt like they truly cared about my experience and that I went home learning a lot. The hotel was nice as well. Overall a great experience!” —Affordable Water

Affordable Water

“Excellent way to learn and clarify the many features within Route Manager. There were several breakout sessions for in-depth coverage of modules such as Inventory Control, CMC, and route organization and others. I have underutilized these features and I learned how I can increase accuracy and productivity. It was time well spent.” –Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Going from manual to digital saves hours of man power and gives customers payment options for example it helps in the delivery invoice process, and you can email invoices. This reduces the cost of postal letters, envelopes, stamps, and reduces the time it takes mailing out bills. They have helped immensely.”-Sue Hamper, Rapid Propane

rapid propane

“ARS showed us how much time and money their system could save our company. The software allows us to portray a professional image our customers rely upon during our interactions”-Robyn Forbes, The Propane Guys

The Propane Guys

RM Series 7 is 100 times quicker to use and saves the company more time compared to what we used before. The company is paid quicker, (and) all around way easier to deal with.”- Kim, Atlanta Propane Exchange

Atlanta Propane

“I knew ARS was reputable and kept customer service in mind. I was proved correct since becoming a customer, I couldn’t be happier with their services.” – Pristine Water and Coffee.

Pristine water company

“With the use of Mango Mobile our drivers are more efficient as invoices don’t have to be hand written, and their routes are already planned out. Drivers time is being used better and papers are not being lost.”- American Ice Co

American Ice Co.

“At our corporate office we are actually saving over a day and half now that we use RM software. When it comes to the drivers there are fewer mistakes, which in turn means I have to correct less.” -Jl Refrigeration

JL Refrigeration

“The billing tasks were taking lots of man hours. We are saving time as we go paperless. When the employees are done with their route for the day they just download the information onto our hardware and they are done. ” – Herrmann’s water

Herrmann’s Water

“The greatest thing about eStorefront is that it integrates with the Advantage software. Customer’s can log on to place order’s, manage deliveries or make payments and it automatically updates in the program so you don’t have to do anything. It’s a hands free way to get things accomplished with out taking time from your employees.”– Crystal Breem, Office Manager

North Fork Water Corp.

“As our business grew to multiple locations, our old ways were becoming less and less efficient. With mounting paper invoices, our office staff was spending hours making sense of handwritten tickets, and drivers did not always document adequate or accurate information. We were desperate to find a solution that would address these challenges plus provide us with more features and better reporting. We found our solution with RMA. Now ARS defiantly plays a critical role in our business success and effectiveness.”

BICO Ice Cream

“The Bulk Statements Module works great and saves time and energy. We no longer have to stand by the printer waiting for statements to print. Before using the Bulk Statements Module we used to hire an extra person for a day or two, just to get our statements done. Now we send them directly to Matrix Imaging, and they mail them off the next day”
– Lane Jones,  President

Lanier Beverage Group

“The handhelds allow my drivers to work more efficiently. My office staff is comfortable in the user-friendly environment. Whether it is on the handheld or desktop, the data that my employees need is easily accessible in the RM environment. Overall, my staff is working more efficiently on a daily basis.” – Peggy Smith

Smith’s Premium Solutions

“Customer Message Center saves a lot of time by not having to personally contact each person. We notify over 100 people each day on our water delivery route and it used to take two to three hours to make all of the phone calls. Now with a couple of clicks they are notified.”

– Frances, Affordable Water   

Affordable Water

“ARS cares about us, their customers, so we can take care of ours. Peace of mind is knowing that help is just a phone call away!”

Chesapeake Coffee

“We have become much more efficient in our processes. I am able to have my driver’s handle more stops in a timely manner.” 

Alpine Valley

“Silver Springs Water will never give up this service, which not only saves us an additional salary, but customers can respond with exactly what they want within a matter of minutes. ARS, thank you for your hard work in bringing a great product that’s not only affordable, but does so much.  You save us thousands of dollars every month with this feature.”

– Rick Fickess, General Manager

Silver Springs Water

“We have been using Advantage Route Systems for over 5 years. Not only have they done an outstanding job of organizing our forklift cylinder division, but we also use them for bulk and barbeque cylinders, as well. This is a great package with outstanding software and a customer support team that has never let us down.” – Kerry Archer

Root 66 Propane

“Bulk Statements have significantly reduced our month-end billing procedure. With a customer base of approx. 1,200, it was taking 2-3 days to print, fold, stuff, stamp, and mail the invoices. That time-frame has been reduced to approximately 1 1/2 hours and has given us the time to do other business duties”
Dan and Linda, Pittsburgh Water Cooler Service

Pittsburgh Water Cooler Service

“RMA continues to help us stay ahead of the curve with intuitive software and hardware solutions. Since inception, the program has continued to help simplify our work flow processes, eliminating excessive waste and ultimately improving our bottom line. The android app was a genius idea, combined with today’s low priced technology you can achieve a high quality output for
minimal investment!” -Lee Morris, Director of Operations

Howco Environmental Services

“The Bulk Statement Program offered by Advantage Route Systems is a quick, easy, and professional way to process your monthly statements. With the click of a button, all company statements are out the door for less than the cost of a stamp per statement ”
Jay Peterson, Mountain Glacier LLC, President

Mountain Glacier

Expansion and growth would not have been as smooth, controlled, and efficient if we did not have Route Manager. With Route Manager we were able to grow while avoiding the cost of hiring additional office staff. -Kevin Rauenbuelher, Office Manager

Arctic Glacier

ARS doesn’t ever risk losing us, they’ve done everything they ever said they would! -Greg Steele, President

Capital City Ice
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