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BBQ Cylinder Exchange

IMG_4304If you sell propane cylinders for home BBQ (20 pounders), you will appreciate the many features of our software that have been designed to help you.  We keep track of cages, so as you get started, you will know what size is at each customer location and when it was placed there.  When it comes to cylinders, we track how many were dropped off, how many were picked up and how many you need to charge your customer for that were missing.

Truck inventory is a snap, too, with our inventory tracking system.  Always know how many are in the yard, on your vehicle and in cages.

We take the guess work out of delivering cylinders!

In addition, we have solutions for the following:

  • Tracking customers
    • names, addresses and emails
    • account balances
    • delivery history
  • Integrated website
    • make payments on time
    • order products 24 x 7
  • Pricing
    • dynamic pricing based on cost
    • seasonal pricing
    • bulk discounts based on gallons (liters) purchased
  • Equipment tracking
    • track tanks
    • integrate tank levels with your website and routing
  • Routing
    • dynamic- based on usage and temperature

About Us

For over 23 years Advantage Route Systems has been providing quality software to route companies like yours. Our customers include companies that span across several continents, from small one-truck operations to large corporations. We have solutions, products, and modules that address business needs for delivery companies. We have become “the handheld experts” and are #1 in the route delivery industry. We enjoy the opportunity to work with companies across the globe and we tailor our software to meet their needs.

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