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Mango Supervisor

Mango Supervisor is our latest in Route Management Software! It lets you see what your routes are doing while you are in the field. This Android-based application lets you monitor your route activity- no matter where you are! It is like having RMLive in your pocket.


“As an owner that also drives a collection truck, the app allows me to check in on how my driver’s day is progressing without having to interrupt the drivers. If I see that my drivers are falling behind or have skipped a customer I then can give them a quick call. And when a customer calls in for a pickup I can quickly review location and remaining capacity of the truck fleet in order to best route the call-in.” – AR Recycling


ON THE GO? Monitor your route activity- no matter where you are!

NEED TO KNOW Not only can you tell who is done and back at the yard, but you can also see the route activity throughout the day.

MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME Work “on” the business, rather than “in” it.

ANDROID COMPATIBLE This software requires Android 4.2 or later, use right on your own Android device or one of our economical new Android handhelds.

TWO MODES Work in Real-Time or End-Of-Day. If you have RMLive, view route activity in real-time throughout the day! If you do not have RMLive, view activity as soon as data is transferred to your server. Click here for the full Mango Supervisor Spec Sheet.

After logging in, you will see the Route Summary screen. This is where you have a synopsis of all route activity for a given date. All routes are shown and display scheduled and completed stops; skipped customers, and off route activity. Finally, you can see the total sales for the route up to this point.

By touching a route on the summary screen, you can get more details on each customer planned or visited by route.

Finally, if you touch a stop on the route detail screen, you can see the individual activity for a stop. Here is where you can see products purchased; payments made and other invoice specific data.

Using a GPRS or Wi-Fi Data Connection and Advanced Communications, the Android handheld on which Mango Supervisor is installed will be able to communicate with the Route Manager Server and monitor the route activity for each route. This happens continuously throughout the day.
  • Android 4.1 or later
  • GPRS/Cellular data plan
  • RMA/RM2000
Q.What is Mango Supervisor?
A. Mango Supervisor is a powerful software tool that will let your field managers monitor route activity throughout the day. You can clearly see what customers have been serviced, how much they bought- and even amounts paid. A great little tool to help you manage your company better.Q. What does it cost?A.$99 for a single copy of Mango Supervisor. No tech support time included with the product. 4-pack of Mango Supervisor (4 concurrent users from the field) $ 299. Once you reach 4 copies, each additional copy per company is $65 each. No tech support time included.Q. What device do I need to use Mango Supervisor?
A. Mango Supervisor is compatible with any Android device that supports version 4.1 or later.Q. Which handheld do you recommend?
A. We recommend our Mango X Series handhelds for this software.Q. What’s the typical time period to setup Mango Supervisor?
A. The installation process is quick and easy! Click here for the Mango Supervisor Manual and check out Chapter 2 for installation instructions.


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