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Route Manager Series 7


Our newest software available!

Route Manager Series 7 was designed to automate office operations and make field data collection easier through the use of powerful desktop software and handheld computers.  RMA Corporate accurately tracks customers, inventory, equipment, products sold, and much more. It is easy to see why hundreds of companies rely on Route Manager every day.

“The handhelds allow my drivers to work more efficiently. My office staff is comfortable in the user-friendly environment. Whether it is on the handheld or desktop, the data that my employees need is easily accessible in the RM environment. Overall, my staff is working more efficiently on a daily basis.”Peggy Smith – Smith’s Premium Water & Coffee Services

“As our business grew to multiple locations, our old ways were becoming less and less efficient. With mounting paper invoices, our office staff was spending hours making sense of handwritten tickets, and drivers did not always document adequate or accurate information. We were desperate to find a solution that would address these challenges plus provide us with more features and better reporting. We found our solution with RMA. Now ARS defiantly plays a critical role in our business success and effectiveness.”-BICO Ice Cream

“Expansion and growth would not have been as smooth, controlled, and efficient if we did not have Route Manager. With Route Manager we were able to grow while avoiding the cost of hiring additional office staff. -Kevin Rauenbuelher, Office Manager” (Arctic Glacier)

“RMA continues to help us stay ahead of the curve with intuitive software and hardware solutions. Since inception, the program has continued to help simplify our work flow processes, eliminating excessive waste and ultimately improving our bottom line. The android app was a genius idea, combined with today’s low priced technology you can achieve a high quality output for minimal investment!” -Lee Morris, Director of Operations (Howco)


MULTIPLE BRANCH/WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT:The ability to manage information over an optimized WAN in multiple states or countries.

QUALITY TESTED: ARS and Microsoft® quality testing to 500 simulated users and 500,000 customers.

INTEGRATE HANDHELDS: Handheld computers link directly to the desktop for easy data transfer.

ELIMINATE IN-OFFICE DATA ENTRY: Reduce costly manual data input by collecting accurate data on route.

MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME: Work “on” the business, rather than “in” it.

MINIMIZE REDUNDANT WORK LOAD: Process information only once. Eliminate unnecessary paper shuffling.

SIMPLIFIED REPORTING: Easy-to-read reports give focused management information.

REDUCE PAPERWORK: Invoices are stored digitally with the customer’s signature for easy retrieval.

QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICING: Provides more flexibility in managing customer pricing and customized schedules by customer product.

CUSTOMER REWARD PROGRAM: A built in system to award points for purchases. Customers can redeem prizes, receive gratis product, or any other incentives you would like to include.

  • Eliminate in-office data entry
  • Integrate handhelds
  • Minimize redundant workload
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Use quantity discount pricing
  • Manage your warehouse
  • RMA Corporate is a long term solution that will grow with your organization.Run remote offices on a company wide basis and independently from each other for more accurate reporting.
  • Can all upload to the same system at day end.
  • Tested at Microsoft labs in 2003 with 500 concurrent users operating in the RMA Corporate environment and experienced no issues.
  • Better manage branches by keeping customer databases separate.
  • Reports that cover every aspect of your business.
  • Customize the language in the RMA Corporate environment so that definitions better correlate with your regular business practices.
  • Enhanced security features so that an administration has more control and can view changes that are made and by whom.


  • Desktop Windows based PC Windows 7 or later Wireless network for Wi-Fi for Android, recommended for all DVD Burner for Backing Up High Speed Internet – DSL, Cable, T1, etc.
  • 10 GB Hard Disk Free Space 512MB of RAM (Minimum) Pentium 3 Processor, 2.0 GHz (Minimum)*ARS highly recommends that all workstations operate on Windows 7 Professional Edition or later and Multi-User environments (2 or more users) implement a Windows Server system (Minimum of Windows 2003 Server Edition, Windows Server 2008 or later is recommended).
  • Handheld PC Pocket PC operating system – Windows Mobile 5.0 or newer Android 4.1.2 or newer operating system Units from: Mango X Series, Android Mobile Phones and Tablets, Advantage M3, Pharos, Symbol, HP (Infrared Port Only), and many others Optional Printer: 2”, 3” or 4”
  • Please visit Various supplies: Paper, stylus, etc*Screen must be LCD and QVGA.
  • Palm Pilots (Palm OS Operating System) are not compatible. Apple devices, iOS devices are not compatible.
  • In addition, the Microsoft Pocket PC or Windows Mobile.
  • System will not work on a full sized VGA (640 X 480). It will only work with 320 X 240.
  • Click here to learn how to choose the right server for you!
Q. How does it work?
A. The desktop software keeps information about customers, products, sales tax, equipment, etc. Each day, a selected portion of that information is transferred to the handheld to make deliveries. At the end of the day, data is transferred back to the desktop with a click of a button, so it is available for customer service representatives and for preparing a variety of reports – allowing you to go home early.


Q. What is RMAdvanced?
A. RMAdvanced is a complete accounts receivable program that integrates with handheld computers so that you can automate your daily procedures. RMAdvanced will handle customer information, route scheduling, equipment tracking, cooler rentals, invoices, statements, and much more. RMAdvanced is also an industry specific software that will keep track of customers, inventory, and your route scheduling. The software interfaces with handheld computers to help automate delivery operations as well.

Q. Does it handle both AP and AR?
A. RMAdvanced only handles the accounts receivables. Accounts payable will be managed by a backend accounting program, such as: QuickBooks, Peachtree, Business Works, Great Plains, etc. RMAdvanced interacts with an accounting program by sending over the necessary general ledger information. general ledger details will be setup during the installation of RMAdvanced. An accounting program never actually sends any type of data into RMAdvanced. The only information that is affected in a clients AP program would be revenue or income accounts and deposit, sales tax liability, cash, and accounts receivable.

Q. Can it handle cooler rentals?
A. RMAdvanced can handle recurring rents. Does it have multiple price levels? RMAdvanced has up to 10 different price structures. It also allows up to 100 different price lists where multiple products can be grouped and sold at specific prices.Is RMAdvanced compatible with MAC? RMAdvanced is only compatible with PC/Windows.

Q. Which handheld do you recommend?
A. HP or Symbol MC35 are the most popular handhelds. Other units that clients are currently utilizing are Dell Axim X51, Casio IT 70’s, and Intermec.

Q. Does RMAdvanced work with Palm Pilots?
A. No. RMAdvanced only operates with Pocket PC’s or a Win CE platform.

Q. Can invoices be printed directly onsite and can they include signature?
A. Yes. Invoices can be printed directly on route. Additionally, the driver will be able to capture signatures, and can also take hand written notes directly on the handheld computer.

Q. Does RMAdvanced handle multiple routes?
A. Yes. RMAdvanced can handle up to 1,000 routes / handheld computers. Are there any re-licensing costs for RMAdvanced? Once you purchase the core package, along with any Multi-User Licenses or handheld licenses, there will not be any recurring charges. ARS offers our clients a variety of optional support plans that can be renewed each year. ARS also offers customers a call on demand basis. Is RMAdvanced a point of sale system? Yes, RMAdvanced is a point of sale program. Using our handheld software, invoices can be generated on the fly, at any time. Drivers can sell items while on the road and produce receipts for customers.

Q. Does RMAdvanced handle forward sales?
A. Yes. The driver or sales person can use the handheld to schedule a forward sale. At the end of the day, all of the activity that has taken place will transfer back into RMAdvanced.

Q. Does the data get stored on the internal memory of the handheld computer?
A. No. All route data is stored in a Secure Digital or Compact Flash card. This helps secure data in cases where the handheld is damaged or destroyed. Over 90% of the time, your storage card will be undamaged.

Q. How is daily route data transferred from the PC to the handheld computer?
A. The most common method is using a USB card reader to transfer data from the storage card back to the PC, and vice versa. The other method is with a USB cradle. The handheld is docked and the information is transferred from the storage card back to the desktop system. Another popular method involves an integrated wireless handheld and access points within your facility. The data is transferred wirelessly.

Q. Can I create my own custom reports with RMAdvanced?
A. RMAdvanced has over 100 canned reports that are included with the Core Package. If you still cannot find the report that you desire, RMAdvanced makes it very easy to import data into Excel, Crystal Seagate Reports, and other types of report generating tools.

  • Maximum customers: 5000
  • Included branches: 1
  • Maximum Bottle/Container Deposits: 6
  • Cost Plus Pricing: Standard
  • Price Lists: Standard
  • Warehouse Maximum: 10
  • Maximum vendors per product: 1
  • Basic Equipment Tracking: Standard
  • Service History: Standard
  • Maximum Employees: 50
  • Commissions by Employee: Standard
  • Site Inspection: Standard
  • Maximum Trucks: 40
  • Vehicle Inspection: Standard
  • Maximum customers: 999,999
  • Included branches: 2
  • Maximum Bottle/Container Deposits: 99
  • Cost Plus Pricing: Standard
  • Price Lists: Standard
  • Warehouse Maximum: 999
  • Maximum vendors per product: 3
  • Basic Equipment Tracking: Standard
  • Service History: Standard
  • Maximum Employees: 9,999
  • Commissions by Employee: Standard
  • Site Inspection: Standard
  • Maximum Trucks: 999
  • Vehicle Inspection: Standard
  • Maximum customers: 999,999
  • Included branches: 99
  • Maximum Bottle/Container Deposits: 99
  • Cost Plus Pricing: Standard
  • Price Lists: Standard
  • Warehouse Maximum: 999
  • Maximum vendors per product: 3
  • Basic Equipment Tracking: Standard
  • Service History: Standard
  • Maximum Employees: 9,999
  • Commissions by Employee: Standard
  • Site Inspection: Standard
  • Maximum Trucks: 999
  • Vehicle Inspection: Standard

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