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Mango-GeoMangoGeo is one of the most efficient address correction tools on the market! By using MangoGeo, you will be able to correct thousands of addresses within minutes and save much needed time and resources in the office.
Before you can do a good job of using any automated tool for mapping or turn-by-turn directions, you need to have accurate addresses.
Unfortunately, there can be millions of things wrong with your addresses. That is where MangoGeo comes in. With improved data, you will make life much easier as you use your data in an automated system. For more information please visit

The following are some of the many benefits of using the MangoGeo system:

  • Correct thousands of addresses in minutes.
  • Add +4 extensions to ZIP codes.
  • Retrieve latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Identify FIPS codes.
MangoGeo is a web-based address correction tool that can work with almost any software package to help you correct your delivery and mailing addresses in the United States and Canada.

MangoGeo can accept data in one of three different ways, seen below, but no matter how you process your data through MangoGeo, you will possess one of the most powerful address correction tools available.

Direct interface from within the Route Manager and Mango product line. Via direct input on our web site. By uploading a file from your system to

Click a button in MangoGeo to CORRECT:

  • Misspelled street name
  • Wrong street type and direction
  • Wrong ZIP codes
  • Missing ZIP+4
  • Wrong City names
  • Identify PO Boxes for delivery addresses
  • and more!
In order to successfully implement the MangoGeo program, ensure that you have the following items installed on each PC that will access the program:

Web Browser (All Users): Internet Explorer 7 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. RMA/RM2000/QRoute 2000 Users: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above. This program can be downloaded and installed using the Windows Update feature.

Q. Why do I need to ‘clean’ my addresses?
A. As you collect address information from your customers, often times mistakes are made: customers do not know the correct ZIP code; customer service people hear the address wrong or misspell it while typing it into their computer. In fact about 50-60% of all uncorrected addresses have one or more flaws in them.

Q. Who cares if it is perfect – the driver can still find the house!
A. That may be true for your regular driver, but what about a new driver or substitute? Also, if you would like to use automated route tools – route optimization or turn-by-turn directions – you need perfect addresses to use with these systems. Otherwise, you will be missing stops or going to places that do not exist!

Q. How often should I do address correction?
A. Initially, when you start using route optimization tools, you will want to apply a big effort to go through all addresses and correct it. Then, if you have a way of keeping your addresses correct as they go in, you may only need to do it once a year. If you are not correcting addresses as you enter or change them, then we recommend that you send them through MangoGeo once per month! Remember, you only pay for addresses that are corrected, so if you have perfect addresses, it will not hurt to send them through MangoGeo frequently!

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