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RMA Road Map

2016 Route Manager Product Development Road Map

For 2016, ARS has many planned enhancement items for our Route Manager Advanced users.  This RMA Road Map will show items by functional area.  Some description is given, however one will need to refer to actual tickets for exact specifications.

Android We have over 250 suggestions from our users that we will be going through and putting some of them into the product during the course of the year.  You are also welcome to submit your suggestions and we will carefully consider them along with those submitted by other RMA users.

Industry development – Over the last couple of years, we have been making changes for these industries: Recycled Oil/Fuel/Liquids, Water, Ice, Coffee and Propane (bulk delivery).  This year, we will pick up the pace and do even more things to make RMA the best fit if you use it for these areas!

Route Dispatch Manager – This was a new feature a few years back.  This year, we have plans to add a route analyzer tool so that you can use it as a planning tool and to know what happened after the route.  This is in addition to the tool we have been working on for the last few months called “Advanced Scheduling.”  It helps you build routes based on customer usage of your product.

Email Customers – We have a new tool that allows you to communicate with your customers better than ever. It is called The Customer Message Centre. In 2016, we will be expanding on this new tool on all four of the forms of communication, including email. You will be able to use email templates to send the perfect operational, financial, and marketing messages. We will also offer custom templates in 2016.

eStoreFront – Continuing into 2016, we will be enhancing this product significantly.  We intend to add more functionality; give you more control over the appearance of the product and in general give you a stronger tool.

RMA is a dynamic and growing product.  We intend to keep a full development cycle with this product through 2016.  This will further help customers who are looking for a full-featured version of Route Manager at a competitive price

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