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Route Manager Training Workshop
Our Route Manager Training Workshops are created to mentor our customers to use their Route Manager Series 7 software in the most efficient and productive way possible. We provide frequent group training around the world to bring the best instructors possible to you.
3 Day vs. 2 Day Workshops
Our customers have loved our two-day workshops we have offered for the last year.  With our workshops in Columbus, OH and Las Vegas, NV we are going to experiment with a three-day Workshop format to provide even more content.

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We are doing this for several reasons:
  1. It will give us more time to explore, in depth, the new Mango Mapping product and other route functions associated with RDM
  2. It will give us additional time to cover specific route topics that we get frequent requests to cover.
  3. It will let us cover Reports Plus so you can make your own reports.
This is in response to things we have heard from you. In this new format the first day we will be focusing on the following topics:
  1. Mango Mapping
  2. RDM – Route Dispatch Manager.
  3. Truck load orders
  4. RDM Reports
  5. Reports Plus
If you have someone in your group that feels this is of no interest to them, they may skip the first day and begin with the second day which is very close to what we have done before.  95% of what we presently do on the second and third day remain the same.
In addition, on Friday afternoon we will now have combined classes so that you will not have to choose whether to attend routing or other bookkeeping functions.  Caley and David will host this together.
If you have any questions about the new format, please feel free to get in touch so that we can clarify any points for you.
We hope that this provides an even richer experience in light of the new products coming out and the intense interest in what you can do with mapping and routing.
Here is our planned scheduled for our 3-day workshop in Las Vegas this October:
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
7:30 am:Arrive – Welcome & Introductions 7:00 am:Power overview of Advantage What is the future of Route Manager 7:00 am:CMC
7:45 am:Route Basics 7:15 am:Back to Basics 8:15 am:Androids – What’s new?
8:30 am:Mango Mapping Set up, Geocoding and Optimization 8:15 am:Common Reports 9:30 am:Break
9:30 am:Mango Mapping Truck Tracking and Multi Routes/Days 9:15 am:Break 9:45 am:Optimizing your data
11:00 am:Lunch 9:30 am:What About Customer Information? 11:00 am:Lunch
11:30 pm:Load orders/Routing 11:00 am:Lunch 11:30 am:Optional Modules
12:30 pm:Break 11:30 am:Daily Accounting Operations 12:15 pm:Admin Functions
12:45 pm:RDM/RDM Reports 12:30 pm:Break 1:15 pm:Break
1:30 pm:Reports Plus 12:45 pm:Month End 1:30 pm:Inventory/Purchase Orders
2:30 pm:Wrap Up/Questions 1:45 pm:Equipment Servicing 2:30 pm:Wrap up/Questions
2:45 pm:Wrap up/Questions
Upcoming 2017 Route Manager Training Workshops
  • October 18-20 in Las Vegas, NV - 3 Days
  • December 6-7 in Trinidad- 2 Days
The three-day workshop is $699 per person if you are on a support plan. $799 per person if you are not on a support plan. The two day workshop is $499 per person and $599 if you are not on a support plan. An early bird special is offered and will give you $50 off per attendee.
The course content is as follows:
  • New Features in RMA - New options on the desktop and in the handheld.
  • Optimizing RMA to suit your company - CMC, eStoreFront, Route Dispatch Manager, RMLive.
  • Daily Office Efficiency - Reporting, Email Formatting, How to find documentation, Troubleshooting errors.
  • Data Cleanup - What to do with those inactive customers, how to speed up performance, Data Integrity Check.
  • Questions and answers - Ample time provided to ask your questions.
The hour-by hour agenda will be tailored to the companies who attend. Once we have our final list of attendees, we will create and release the full agenda.
Most RMA users are utilizing a small portion of the program. Join us and learn about different areas/functions of the program which will be beneficial to your company!
Yourself! A laptop (optional) – preferably one that can connect to your RMA data.
This is the best learning event of the decade. All Route Manager users can save time each day by knowing the program better. By freeing up time, you can accomplish more. Accomplishing more means your business runs smoother.
Yes, once we have all of our customer sign-ups, we will review each company and attendees to prepare a training which will best suits everyone’s needs.
Not only will you be learn items to be more efficient, but you will be given materials that you can take back to help others in the office. You also can ask questions about things that ‘you had always wondered about!


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