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Bottled Water Industry

Serving the bottled water industry since 1980, Advantage Route Systems understands the unique nature of your business. Choosing the correct water delivery software for your company is one of the most important things you can do to increase efficiency. We have helped hundreds of bottled water companies throughout the world improve their office and route operations, and will gladly assist you with yours.

Automated Customer Delivery Reminders
Sell more water by reminding your customers that 'tomorrow' is their next delivery day! Our fully automated system gives you the flexibility you need to contact customers to get the message out!
Bottle Deposit Tracking
Whether you charge for empty bottles or not, you should be tracking them to make sure that you know where they are and customers are getting them back to you on a timely basis!
Cooler Management Tools
Nothing is more important than tracking your coolers and other equipment. How much rent do you lose each year because you are messing up on your assets? We have one of the most efficient billing systems --anywhere!
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Our Roots Run Deep!

Since 1980, the principles of Advantage Route Systems started developing software for Bottled Water companies. While PCs were very new at the time, some revolutionary software was created that laid the foundation for ARS to be created a decade later. With those extra years of experience, in 1993, we first started developing our first software for the Epson EHT-30 touch screen computer for Modesto Bottled Water in Modesto, California USA.

This handheld device proved to be a game changer for bottled water companies around the world. Its simple - yet powerful - interface has been the gold standard of all handheld software in the industry. The passing of time has strengthened an original idea and made it even better.

From humble beginnings with just two people crafting the software, it is now used in over 30 countries by hundreds of bottled water companies from simple one truck operations to multinational global companies. Scalability is achieved through our powerful desktop software that supports up to 100 users and literally hundreds of handhelds. In addition to 5 gallon (19 L) containers, we also support companies in water treatment and OCS businesses.

Dedicated to an industry that spawned ours, nearly 60% of our installed customer base is still in bottled water delivery. Each day, thousands of trucks in this industry depend on our solutions to collect data in the field and return it safely to our desktop!


We are a one stop shop for our customers. We offer handhelds, printers, and the supplies needed to keep your routes going!


Our eStoreFront module allows you to take selected customer account information and post it to your corporate web site. The value of this system lies in its ability to allow your customers to do business with you at their convenience.

Mango Mapping

Mango Mapping is an all-new multi-function mapping program that works with your Route Manager software. It uses the world-renowned Google Maps as its base and has been carefully integrated into Route Manager Series 7 for a flawless interface. In just a few minutes you can see your customers plotted and optimized on a map to help you save time and reduce fuel costs.

Customer Message Center

Keeping in touch with your customers is important. We offer different tools and templates to help you stay in contact with customers and reach out for different things such as finance, marketing, delivery dates, and more!

RDM Live

Keep track of different documents, statements, and other reports with our modules to help keep everything organized and running smoothly.


Our Support team is available around the clock to assist you with any questions that you may have. We are here to help!

“ARS has been a vital tool in our business for many years!  It enables us to run our routes efficiently, invoicing & AR, mass customer e-mail notifications, and internet solutions for web orders to taking customer payments online. The ARS staff is helpful and ready to assist, I love when I call them they know exactly who I am.”

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"Customer Message Center saves a lot of time by not having to personally contact each person. We notify over 100 people each day on our water delivery route and it used to take two to three hours to make all of the phone calls. Now with a couple of clicks they are notified."

Affordable Water

“We have become much more efficient in our processes. I am able to have my driver’s handle more stops in a timely manner.”

Alpine Valley

The billing tasks were taking lots of man hours. We are saving time as we go paperless. When the employees are done with their route for the day they just download the information onto our hardware and they are done.

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