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Workshop Lime

Have you always wanted to attend an RMA workshop, but are not able to travel? Has the registration price or travel costs detoured you from joining us at a previous workshop? Our Workshop Lime is for YOU! This is our totally green alternative to jumping on a jet and going to class!
What Is Workshop Lime?
Workshop Lime allows users – world-wide – to experience our traditional two-day educational workshop. There are four easy-to-attend weekly sessions from the comfort of your own office. Each interactive session lasts four hours and presents the same materials we currently offer in our two-day training workshop. It’s just more convenient – and you still get to talk to other students using our powerful web based conferencing tool!

propane Industry! Click here to sign up for March/April!

How does this benefit you?
  1. Work in your PJs? Yes! This is an affordable way for you to reap the benefit of attending a workshop from your own home or office.
  2. Avoid "brain overload!" You will have the opportunity to learn a handful of items and apply the take-aways to your company over a week’s time before the next session. This allows you to receive the information in bite- size pieces and apply it to your business before moving on to the next set of topics.
  3. Learn without breaking the bank! With our Workshop Lime remote training, you still gain the workshop experience and knowledge without the flight and hotel cost, rental car, food, and more!
  4. Go Green! We are reducing our carbon footprint by avoiding airlines and other travel necessities that cause pollution.

Register Now for a 2020 Workshop Lime!

Click to Sign Up: Propane April/May 2020

Propane Customers - 2/10 spots reserved!
April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 2020
8am PST
9am MST
10am CST
11am EST
12pm AST

$99 per session. choose one or all classes you want to attend! The best value is the 4 session series! If you choose all four sessions, you will receive a special price of only $297! It’s like buying 3 and getting the 4th one free!

All classes subject to availability.
Workshop Lime Propane April 24, May 1, May 8 and May 15 8am PST 9am MST 10am CST 11am EST 12pm AST

More dates coming soon!
You can access Workshop Lime from any location that has a PC/laptop and an internet connection. For best results we recommend a web cam and microphone! You will have access to a recording of the Workshop Lime session, only if you are a registered and paid attendee.
Classes are typically 3-1/2 hours of prepared materials with 30 minutes set aside for student questions.
Class size is limited to a total of ten individual connections (see below for a detailed explanation of what a "connection" is). We want you to have plenty of time to interact with the instructor and other class members, ask questions and share ideas with other customers who are in the same session.
The registration fees mentioned above covers one connection per company. If you log into the workshop with more than one connection, (from two locations, two different computers, etc.) you will need to pay the registration fee for any an additional connections.

For example, you and two of your co-workers can all join the workshop from one conference room connection. If you have another employee who wants to join from home, they will have to pay a separate registration fee.

If you have more than 5 people on one connection, we may ask to schedule a private Workshop Lime for your own company and specific needs. Ask us about this!
Back to Basics
During this section we will go over the basics of Route Manager including the Local Settings and Branch Setup and how to adjust the settings to make your time more efficient!
  • Help Menus
  • Local Settings
  • Branch Setup
  • Auto Send Invoices

Customer Information The purpose of this chapter is to help you and other users manage credit and accounts receivable more efficiently in Route Manager.
  • Customer Types
  • Major Account Codes
  • Credit Class
  • Customer Acquisition Codes
  • Dunning Messages
  • Statements
  • Reports
Daily Accounting Operations In this section, we will discuss different options for processing credit cards, how to deal with master accounts, auto send invoice function, and how to clean the open invoices/unapplied payments in route manager.
  • Overview
  • Looking at Dailiy Reports
  • Fixing Transactions
  • Payments
  • Credit Cards
  • Master/Sub Accounts
  • Cleaning Open Invoices

CMC The Customer Message Centre is a powerful tool that lets you communicate with your customers more effectively. It is a multi-purpose interface that will let you send important messages via a number of different venues:
  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Fax
  • Email

Common Reports - Accounting Your Route Manager reports enable you to know exactly what is happening in your organization. Knowledge is power and the built-in reports give you great insight into managing your business better.

Optimizing Your Data This section will go over how to keep your data in pristine condition and keep your operations running smoothly. It is important to keep your data cleaned up to improve reporting and management of your customers.
  • Packing Files
  • Data Integrity
  • Archiving Customers
  • Delivery Order Cleanup
Route Basics In this section, we will discuss the basics of route setup, available options inside Route Manager, preparing for routes, and daily route operations.
How we look at routes:
  • Geography (Routes)
  • Frequency (Day Labels and Calendar Extensions)
  • Order (Sequence)
  • Geographic Areas

Load Orders
Load Orders allow you to create a list that can be printed and distributed to your warehouse employees for order ‘picking’. The load orders can then be accepted on the handheld by the drivers for load entry. Each load order contains all Delivery Orders, Standing Orders, and Load Requests per route.

MDM – Building Routes
This section will guide you through the configuration and daily usage of the Dispatching options available in Route Manager. MDM combines RDM, RMLive, and Telephone Orders into one single screen and is included with every Route Manager package.

Mango Mapping
Mango Mapping is an all-new multi-function mapping program. It uses Here Maps as its base and has been integrated into RM7 for a flawless interface. In just a few minutes you can see your customers plotted and optimized on a map to help you save time; reduce fuel costs and even skip the overtime since you are getting your routes done quicker!
  • Setup
  • Geo-coding
  • Route Optimization
  • Truck Tracking
  • Multiple Routes/Days


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